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Challenge us! We dare you.

For years, I’ve been unable to back down from a challenge. I have dragged my brother down so many roads for builds that truly seemed impossible just so that we can see the reactions that follow.

We’ve been dared to build Judge Master Gabranthe out of leather: and so we did. We’ve been dared to build a strap-on waist rig that house 7 dildo’s: and we did. Once, we were dared to recover a hide-a-bed loveseat in leather. Sure enough, we did. We partnered with Marcus Lamoureux, a local macabre artist, and we covered this couch in upholstery weight buffalo and airbrushed every square inch with pagan runes and pentagrams and even a Baphomet effigy and had Marcus Design and build the custom arm corbels adorned with sculls and rib cages and spiders.  Honestly, it hurt to watch that couch leave the shop. I wanted to keep it. But it was a client piece and it found a great home. Part and parcel of being trained in so many different media is the need to do better and more complex pieces. We get bored so easily. Lol.

This year is no different. To spite having a ton of work to do, we have found our impossible build for this season. For next years Commicon, amongst the many Mortal Kombat costumes that we will have working the room, we will be building a fully functional Motaro. We are going to build fully articulated centaur legs that move as he does. Fully foam latex prosthetics over the mechanical components.  Not impossible, just nearly impossible to make lifelike. We’ve had many applicants to model this piece but we’ve settled on all 6 feet six inches of Wade Kendricks to be our Motaro.  This is going to be epic.

    IMG_5989 936503_10151749665474266_231230438_n

I will never get tired of pushing myself. I will never grow out of trying to build the impossible. I love what we do and I will never stop trying to get a rise out of you guys. It’s what we live for.

So, how bout it guys? What impossible build should we take on next?