The Ice Pirate

The Ice Pirate captains jacket is a very heavy piece. it is constructed of an unshaved black cow hide and is adorned with mystery weave stud knots over the collar, lapels and high point side split cuffs. it has a rear box pleat and side sword splits for maneuverability. it is lined with a red and black pinstripe poly blend


Gold over black brocade light weight wool captain Singapore captains jacket with split and rear box pleat. High pinned collar and detailed gold button lapels and matching broad fold cuffs.Poly silk blend lining, with a center bra clip closure.

Beowolf’s Pirate Hat

This hat is a play on a traditional tricorn hat. We upped it to five points and curls and the entire hat is adorned in a custom pirate brand, mermaids and seaweed tooled right in by hand and finished with zelibrand pigment dye applied with an airbrush.

  IMG_1735   IMG_1737

IMG_1800    IMG_1798

IMG_1797    IMG_1794

IMG_1807    IMG_1803



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