The Black Widow

A garment weight buffalo leather trench coat with red beef suede underlay, and a spider web pattern on a collar, lapels sleeves and back. English also lined his jacket with a bright red kasha lining.

Photo Shot00105    Photo Shot00103

The Goth Pimp Coat and Hat

The coat is a three quarter length gentleman’s smoking jacket with a skull and spiderweb overlay of high shine PVC. The hat is hard leather and hand-made with banshees and skulls tooled in the airbrushed.

11020026     11020025

The green top coat

  This is a custom forest green cashmere made to the clients specifications. It has many inner and outer pockets and a quilted kasha lining for added warmth and comfort.


The Hunters Jacket

This jacket is a weathered down deer leather, three quarter length trench coat with a center closure. Custom cuffs, sword split and simple black kasha lining.


014 (5)

This full length black leather trench coat has been airbrushed on the left arm and shoulder with a white and grey repeating skull mural. The front closure is a 20″ zipper and it sports a black kasha lining.


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