The Trinity


This set is very simply designed and quite illegal to be worn in public. The base is constructed from a simple 8/9 oz drum dyed buffalo and is swivel knifed in a symetrical square grid pattern with 1/16th inch holes at each intersection. There are three 1 1/2″ bear flaw nickle plated spikes mounted on the top of each.

The Argon


This impressive piece of armour consists of 4 overlapping 10/11 oz vegitan hard leather plates which overlap each other and are sewn and riveted through the 9/10 oz base. Each pieces has been tooled with a trinity knot celtic tribal pattern which has been hand dyed black over nuclear red. Don’t ask how we figured this out but this piece will in point of fact stop a meat cleaver strike at full speed. seriously…don’t ask.

DSC00855The Eye



This simple two plate overlapping piece is constructed out of 8/9 oz vegitan hard leather and is custom dyed with a black antique was and a black cherry top coat in Zelibrand pigment dye. The plates are riveted and sewn together.

The Saxon

DSC01225  DSC01226

This set was one of our first. They are fully functioning 10″ gauntlets complete with hand plate and knuckle guards. The base is made from a 9/10 oz brown weather treated latigo and the straps that attach the fingers plates, hand plates and 2″ flat brass dye cast o rings to the base are made from 5/6 oz brown buffalo strapping.

The Wandering Warrior’s Gauntlets

.010  008 (2)

These are the matching set to the Wandering Warrior armour.


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