The Bad Habbit

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This piece is aptly named as it is worn underneath of a nuns habit and cloak. It is constructed out of black garment weight leather and consists of three strap and 1″ carriage spiked leggings attached to the leather garter belt which buckles in the front, the black leather gloves which are strapped and spiked to match the leggings, the little black leather thong and the center draw leather push up bra. All in all a very sexy piece. Amen.

The Dead Ringer

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The Dead Ringer was constructed as the female counterpart piece to the ring leader jacket. The bodice is constructed from 7/8 oz black drum dyed buffalo strap tabs riveting together several dozen welded nickel plated o rings.


The Ring Leader

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65 lbs of pure awesomeness. This piece is constructed the same way as the dead ringer. It’s 400 some odd welded nickle plated o rings form a very simple three quarter length trench coat. It brings a whole new meaning to “i’ll be there with bells on.”

The Slave’s Mum

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This full length slave mum is double boned and constructed of heavy two-way stretch purple spandex for comfort and matched with a heavy black wool based edge lace. The rear is a corset closure.

The Gothic Belly Dancer

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This piece couldn’t be simpler. it is constructed out of a purple and pink sheer chiffon, a number of 1″ nickle plated o rings and various lengths of 1 1/2 ” black elastic. The piece consists of the halter top and the panties with skirt attached. both the sleeve straps and hip straps on the thong are tripled up  for esthetic symmetry.

The Poison

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This brown calf leather piece consists of the battle skirt and belt and the simple pushup leather bra. both have been studded with antique brass round studs.

The Spider Baby Doll

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The red spider baby doll outfit consists of a simple wrap around mini skirt and the baby doll top which hugs the under bust and flares out towards the bottom. The red calf skin base has been layered with a black spiderweb lace for an adorably sinister look.

The Bondage Evening Gown



The fetish evening gown is a marvelously complicated dress which covers all of the necessary bits and very little else. the strap work is constructed from tripled up garment weight black goat leather that has been sewn to the mosaic of purple and black two way stretch spandex.

Cannibal Scorpion Set

004 (12)


This set was created to match cannibals existing gauntlets. The hefty 9/10 oz vegitan hard leather base plates are tooled with a red and black background with white scorpion effigy and are bound together with Black 7/8 oz drum dyed buffalo. There are various welded steel nickle plated o rings through out. the set includes the high posture collar, two ankle cuffs and two wrist restraints.

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