Corsets & Under Busts

The Bridal Corset


This corset was made to be worn by the lovely Koston Kreme in Ottawa Capital Kink weekend 2010 fashion show. It was designed for a burlesque performance, so for easy removal there is a unique zipper closure on the side. The Bridal Corset has a white silk corset with bead work and white lace overlays.

The Baby Doll Corset


The Baby Doll is an old Elizabethan design with a modern twist. The separated hip tabs house garter clips front and back. The 12 inch buck offers front closure and the only lace points are on the sides offering increased comfort and ability to get into and tighten it with out help .

The Snake Bite


The Snake Bite is a simple red and black snake print, heavy weight leather corset.It has black nylon webbing and black plastic side release buckles, and a rear closure.

The Dragon Corset


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A black hard leather corset is constructed of 7/8 ox hard leather and hand tooled and stitched with nickle plated flat stud lining and the seems.

The Pandora Under Bust

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A black calf leather under bust.

The Black Thorn Corset


The Black Thorn is constructed out of heavy 9é10 oz hard leather and layers with leather roses, leaves thorns and barbed wire all of which are made out of leather. It has shoulder straps and a rear belt closure.

The Red Snake


This corset is a beef leather snake print corset with under bust line and a bust strap with center closure.

Poison Ivy Corset

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This Poison Ivy Corset was intended to emulate the incredible sexy batman villains esthetic. It is a hard leather corset, hand made and airbrushed in five tone greens and whites. The leaves are a separately sculpted layer and interlock over top of the airbrushed base. The white leather roses are copper riveted through both layers. The custom straight bust falls between the lace strap criss cross halter. This corset has a cashmere lined for additional comfort and offers a rear closure and side lace points.

The Broken Heart


The Broken Heart is a purple poly blend under black tea parent floral brocade corset with leather trim and broken heart buckle plated broach in the center of it’s sweetheart bust line. It is a solid front panel with double boning and custom three chain accents on both sides running from center seems to the rear overt op of the side closure. The main lace point on this corset however is in the rear.


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