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The Black Pearl is one of our most insanely detailed pieces. Every piece is littered with hand tooled anime porn images as base coated with flat black pigment dye and accented with royal blue translucent airbrush paint to allow the details to glow under camera flash and black light.

This piece consists of…

  • a flip top zero helmet and top knot
  • the under bust corset and bust strap with shoulder harness and yolk.
  • blue silk wrap
  • grieves
  • gauntlets

The Black Pearl is both battle and fetish ready and is constructed out of a very sturdy 10/11 oz vegitan hard leather and is attached with one inch heavy duty nylon webbing and silver plated side release buckles. There are nickle plated O rings and anchor points for play use on  the neck, bodice, wrists, ankles and helmet.

                          blackpearl3    blackpearl1   IMG116

The sketch above was intended to be the matching piece to the Black Pearl, we dubbed it The Iron Diamond. It was meant to emulate The Bastard, and be as versatile and modern as The Black Pearl.

The Cold Bitch

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The Cold Bitch armour is one of our most detailed tooling projects and has become the shop staple for which the quality of our tooling is measured. The zip frontal closure armoured bodice is worn like a vest over a tabberd dress or waist wrap. The bodice is constructed out of 7/8 oz vegitan hard leather and has two corseted lace points on the sides making it adjustable up to 6 inches on the mid section. The collar is lined with a thin red and black custom dyed snaked skin. This piece is completed with an archers arm on the left and a simple gauntlet on the right. It also comes with fully detailed grieves that are designed specifically for high heeled boots for kind of a functional sex appeal. The graphics throughout are done in a gorgon style fashion with Medusa and random snakes, slaves and tribal.

The Shredder

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The Shredder armour was English’s first solo piece. This design was intended to emulate a medieval dark ages version of the infamous TMNT villain. This armour is battle tested and ready and is constructed out of a whopping 13/14 oz vegitan hard leather base plating with swivel knife runes cut throughout the 4/5oz vegitan hard leather top plating. One arm has been left free for mobility and the opposing shoulder houses a double reinforced spaulder. It also comes with gauntlets and grieves with toe and knee plating. The breast plate is sectioned with the upper section worn as an armoured corseted vest and the sternum plating being more flaxible as it is attached in overlapping plates on the poncho style tabberd worn underneath. Make no mistake…shredder is no longer a ninja: he’s a tank!

The Bastard

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The Bastard is Ice’s personal armour. There is nothing simple about this piece. In point of fact it is needlessly complex. The breast plate, with it’s double corseted rear, incorporates a full mural scene of a demon and two demonettes with sculls, blood, guts and gore and is adjustable up to ten inches. The collar is lined with fisher fur and laces as well at both shoulders for increased comfort. The 4 layers of hook style spaulders overlap and move as one piece with triple knot flat braiding around each edge with black bear fur in between the  top two layers. The top plate also being adorned in demonic tooling. The arm bands are interchangeable and both offer added protection and mobility and are themselves tooled. This piece comes with two gauntlets and grieves complete with toe plates and high scull knee plates. The breast plate also has the main tripe reinforced tabberd and battle skirt bolted right to it so nothing shifts. The zero helmet is completely tooled and shockingly does not impede vision or head movement to spite being adorned with two 3 foot steer horned that have basic runes finished into the surface, The helmet itself is littered with hebrew battle cries and satanic runes and carvings. Every square inch of this armour is detailed and designed to be as intimidating as possible. When you see this bad boy coming at you….don’t fight, just run.


CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC 541690_416288828450928_796039947_n  486160_392020137556093_675258636_n

Whisper was an ambitious undertaking in that we were trying to make practical assassin’s armour that kept her sex appeal intact.. The corseted rear closure bodice is made from a hardened and candy coated vegitan 7/8 oz hard leather that has been airbrushed with zelibrand black pigment dye mixed with a metallic silver acrylic createx paint that allows the details to shine in front of the camera. The bodice, and battle skirt are hand tooled with matching tribal and laced on  for added range of motion.  The center of the bodice houses 4 welded nickle plated o rings and the pendant in the middle begins the lacing for the spaulders. The spaulders, gauntlets and grieves are made out of a sturdy 7/8 oz base plate and hand stitched and formed over top is a layer of 8/9 oz hard leather that has been shaped, cut and airbrushed to mimic bamboo half slating. The grieves and toe plates are again designed to be worn over high heeled round toe boots. The catsuit and dessert wrap cowl are made from a two way stretch black thick knit spandex. The face plate is a hand formed hardened plastic plate scull plate. All in all she is sexy and deadly in every way…and you’ll never hear her coming.

The Wandering Warrior

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The Wandering Warrior is a piece that we have been slowly adding to for years now. The idea is that this character starts off as just a raider: very little armour at his disposal and then later on of the course of his travels becomes a dragon hunter and incorporates dragon scale armour pieces to his suit. We began with the simple belt chest rig made from 1/4″ nickle plated dog chains and 1 1/2” buffalo straps worn under a garment weight black buffalo sleeveless trench coat with an airbrushed underlay insert on the back. The insert if airbrushed with the effigy of the dragon that he killed and glows under black light. The trench is fairly light weight and is lined with black kasha. We then moved on to the gauntlets and grieves which are painstakingly riveted together by hand with more then 200 hand crafted dragon scales made from 7/8 oz vegitan hard leather. Each of which is unique and shaped, dyed and finished by hand and attached to a 7/8 oz buffalo base plate. His helmet was constructed of a 15/16 oz shoe leather base plate custom molded to house an asymmetrical set of bison horns. The entire helmet is covered in the same red dragon scales as the gauntlets and grieves. the face plate is removable and simply clips in and out of the bridge guard. The rear of the helmet sports a number of rabbit pelts and fox tails dyed red at the tips to mimic dragon whiskers. Later we added a new breast plate made from 8/9 oz black gater mock and the tabberd is 7/8 oz vegitan hard leather airbrushed to match the scale work. The tabberd also houses a gator tribal center runner insert.The rear of the breast plate has a scabberd frog that is sewn into the plate. we are currently crafting his custom spaulders and after that perhaps a new hardened breast plate….beefier gauntlets…hip guards….shoulder cannon…lol. Who knows?! But he’ll be friggin terrifying when it’s done.

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