Accessories & Other Wicked Stuff

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A Slave’s Mum

This full length slave mum is double boned and constructed of heavy two way strech purple spandex for comfort and matched with a heavy black wool based edge lace. The rear closure is corseted.

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Burlesque Fans

The custom burlesque fans are constructed using bamboo slats for an older look and one side is a very fetching green and gold silk brocade while the opposing side is garment weight leather airbrushed with gold and green dragons. the trim is black bear fur.

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Leather Covered Guitar

I can’t play guitar to save my life but I can make it look badass! This baby strap is leather wrapped with 7/8 oz hard beef hide and every square inch is hand tooled and antique finished. The pickups and humbuckers are bolted directly through the leather casing as the pick plate has been removed. The casing was agonizingly hand stretched and hand stitched directly into the guitar. …and still sounds incredible.

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The Rory Slash Top Hat

The Rory Slash top hat was custom built for one of our favorite clients and sports a myriad of leather crafting techniques. The paintjob was painstakingly airbrushed by hand and the damage surrounding the bullet hole conchos was swivel knifed in by hand. The 2” belt closes in the front behind a slash jolly rodger centre pin belt buckle. Slash would be proud.


Bob-Bombs & Super Stars

The Bob-Bombs and Super stars are constructed out of hand carved polyethylene styrofaom base and covered with simple hand cut black and yellow felt. Simple but fun project.


This art piece was a fun collaborative piece between Ice of Ottawa Gothic Desings  and local artist and client James Brown.  James’ abstract art was tooled into the piece that was mounted to a wod base after it had been shaped and molded by Ice to showcase their contrasting styles.


Captain Hook’s Hook

Captain Hook’s Hook was made for a university of Ottawa production of Peter Pan and originally adorned by one of Ottawa’s premier character actors Jody Hauke. This piece was a collaborative effort with scrap metal artists Tic Toc Tom.


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