Video Game Characters

Mortal Kombat –

Sub Zero

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This piece consists of the spandex cada pants, the crew neck black shirt and spandex cowl, the white and metallic silver full length arm gloves that imitate the frozen arms that belt above the bicep, grieves constructed of 8/90 oz vegitan hard leather  and lace up the back and the armour poncho that corsets in the front under the main tabberd and closes with the belt.


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This piece consists of the custom leather belt with the protruding scull and scorpions and clips for the sword frog and spear, the completely enclosed 7/8 oz vegitan hard leather gauntlets, the custom formed and layered 8.9 oz vegitan hard leather grieves, the spandex pants with the MK logo in gold on the sides, the spandex cowl and the 8/9 oz vegitan hard leather face plate and helm.


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This sexy little number is made from blue poly lycra silver cotton, black poly blend and black garment weight leather. the piece consists of the leggings and boot covers, the main tabberd, the haltered top, the gauntlets made from 7/8 oz vegitan hard leather and airbrushed metallic silver and blue with the MK logo and the quarter mum.

Quan Chi


This piece is mainly an airbrush endeavor however the shoulder plate is made from 9/10 oz vegitan hard leather and high density polyethylene styrofoam for the spikes that have been treated with several coats of laytext for texture and rigidity. The belts are 8/9 oz buffalo as is the buckle coin which has been painted gold and bejeweled. The tabberd is forest green cashmere.


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Reptile is one of our favorite pieces. We consider this more of airbrush project than a build as the only components that needed actual construction on this pieces were the sternum wraps and the tabberd and muay thai boxing wraps which we frayed and tarnished to add that worn look. The facial prosthetic gives him more of the reptilian look and the rest is just good old fashion latex base and pigment body paint applied by hand to create one bad ass Reptile.

Soul Calibur –


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This red spandex body suit is work underneath of the custom tooled and black and gold hand painted 8/9 oz vegitan hard leather bodice which corsets in the back, the gauntlets and grieves adorned with the asian dragon efigy and the top knot clip.

Trinity Blood –

Father Able Nightroad

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This piece is made primarily  from Black denim and white cotton edging. The shoulder plate, epilettes, and collar and lapel pins are made from 7/8 oz vegitan hard leather and painted silver and riveted on. the piece consists of the priest casick, the high collar sword split poncho and the belt and revolver holster.

Final Fantasy –



The dress is simply an extremely plunging neck line full length sleeve with elastic cuss evening gown with a left side split and a black bear fur collar. The head dress and horns are made primarily out of 7/8 oz vegitan hard leather and airbrushed for effect. The wings, however, were a joint ventures with Tick tock Tom as they have a steel frame that simply slides into a holster on the back that is worn under the dress like a gun holster. The wings were then finished with a mix of dark blue feathers and bear fur.

Judge Master Gabranthe

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You might not believe this, but this piece was a dare. A friend f our was being an ass and said “if you’re so good…make this” and showed us the Gabranthe statuet that he’d recently bought for himself. Challenge accepted and by the way…choke on it!!! This imposing piece is constructed primarily out of 9/10 oz vegitan hard leather and airbrushed jet black with metallic flecks and a gold metallic trim on all the edges and details provideing a very simple but elegant contrast. The entire piece was designed, pieced together, sewn, carved, molded, shaped and finished by hand. The piece consists of the horned helmet and visor, the suicide edge spaulders, upper arm double shield, fanned elbow gauntlets, breast plate corseted at the sides, belt, hip and thigh guards and grieves and boots. This was an ambitious undertaking, especially for a dare, but we pulled it off. never doubt us!!


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