Fallen Kingdom LARP 2013

P1190296  P1190232  P1190328

We were proud to once again sponsor The Fallen Kingdom LARP at Raven’s Knoll right outside Eganville, ON. It’s an amazingly coordinated 36 hour LARP in the middle of the woods. Our OGD team poses as NPC’s (Non playable characters), and provides monsters, and effects to drive the plot forward.

P1190230    P1190229

P1190633    P1190582

P1190670    P1190638

P1190645 P1190647 P1190227

P1190250  P1190411  P1190420

P1190630 P1190421 P1190432

P1190622 P1190603 P1190601

P1190567     P1190570


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