Ottawa Comicon 2012


The whole crew decided to invade Comicon in Ottawa’s first annual induction into the Comicon circuit. All twelve Mortal Kombat costumes earned praise from the crowd the crowd and the visiting celebrities. Tanner in his rendition of Mortal Kombat’s Reptile earned a fair amount of notoriety after being depicted on page 2 of the Ottawa Sun.

kitana n subzero1  kitana n syndel 

    IMG_2209 385275_472890776081230_513304075_n  IMG_2207

IMG_2218    kitana vs syndel2

baby 1    579866_10150842697959401_518593179_n

559534_10150842697684401_1930483888_n    527817_10150842697499401_458110750_n

521309_10150842688904401_973412333_n    533131_10150842688769401_477439029_n

 against ghost busters    522982_10150906120228497_253929243496_9674496_201085392_n 

227658_472889409414700_1836974212_n     307558_472889336081374_269486752_n



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