Q: Why is it called Ottawa Gothic design?
A:When we started this company we were all very into the Gothic lifestyle. It seemed important for the world to know that these designs were produced BY goths…and not simply FOR goths.

Q: How do you get the impressions in the leather?
A: The graphics are tooled into the leather by hand. The images are drawn or traced onto the leather and then swivel knifed and then beveled in a 16th of an inch at a time with a mallet and very tiny tools.

Q: How often do you take on apprentices?
A:We try to take one new apprentice a year to expand our shop and train them to use not only our knowledge base but utilizing their own strengths as well. Some excel at art where as others excel in more menial tasks.

Q: How does your pricing guide work?
A:Every piece is custom so there is no standard pricing guide. Each piece is dependent on materials and level of complexity.

Q: Do you make boots? 
A:No. Unfortunately we do not have the equipment or training specific to boot making. Though we do have colleagues who do that we can put you in touch with.

Q: Where does the leather that you use come from?
First and foremost, Ottawa Gothic Designs is against animal cruelty. We purchase our leather from Delikovits or Dezazzo, and use it to show case our medium of art. The leather we use is a by-product of the animals who were slaughtered for food consumption, and we as leather smiths are doing our part to ensuring no animal is wasted.

Q: How do we make a custom order through you?

You can go to the contact us page and place an order through email. Please remember to leave your contact information and details of what custom piece you’d like!

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, money orders, and e-transfers for all custom orders.

Q: Whats the return policy?

All sales are final, we confirm orders before orders they are sent. We do not take responsibility to any orders damaged during the shipping process

Still have questions?

Fill out the form below and ask us! We promise we check our email every day!


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