About OGD

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Ottawa Gothic Designs emerged more than 10 years ago after William “Ice” Bloom had spent his youth training as a leather smith, gained under the tutelage of his master seamstress mother and leathersmithing uncles. After some moderate success, Ice was able to take on his own brother, English Davies-Lyons, as an apprentice. English was a natural and not only excelled but even surpassed Ice in certain areas. After proving his mettle, English was made business partner and co owner of Ottawa Gothic Designs. OGD has taken taken old school knowledge and applied new school best practices to all of their designs. OGD specializes in producing fantasy armour and costumes in addition to upholstery, fashion design, alterations, bags and pouches, airbrush work, special effects, lingerie, fetish costumes, fetish props, fetish toys and restraints, bridal and formal wear and day to day clothes. OGD even provides bullwhip workshops.  OGD has taken on many apprentices over the years in an attempt to pass on what they’ve mastered. They thrive on being challenged and figuring things out from scratch as there are no patterns they cannot produce. OGD has even had the opportunity to appear and produce costumes and pieces for select tv shows and local movies. We are proud to serve the Ottawa and National Capital leather and cos-play community in addition to those of you who are just looking for something to bring your fantasies to life.


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