Becoming Ragnar

 Not unlike many people these days, I have spent years struggling with my weight and the health concerns that go along with obesity. As a young adult I was an amateur bodybuilder and ironically I broke my neck in the gym. From that point on my weight quickly got out of control.

For obvious reasons, depression and other mental challenges arose along side these issues because , as you know, misery does love it’s company. One day a few years back, I was circling slightly upwards of 400 lbs. I was tying my shoes (or at least trying to) and I’d find myself out of breath. I had gone from being an animal to a joke and I didn’t even see it happening. I had enough! I alternated workout routines, and diets. I counted calories and sacrificed. I lost 220 lbs. I am still a big guy and I have some work left to do. However I feel better. I look better. More importantly I am far healthier. That being said, anyone who’s spent any significant time in the gym will tell you that the biggest challenge is the plateau effect. This is the moment when your hardest workout becomes routine for your body and stops being effective and you stop seeing results. This requires two solutions. Switch it up and work harder. After years of work, it is so easy to give up but last year I found something that I found strangely motivating.

As a costume and FX designer, I’m big into cosplay and usually big ornate pieces. Mainly because there are no actors that I look like. That is until Mr. Travis Fimmel. AKA – Ragnar Lothbrok from the History Channel’s Vikings. A while back I wrote a blog about this similarity but what I did not include was that constantly being compared to such an iconic character and yes, I’ll admit it, a damn good looking man, felt great. It quickly became my motivation to fight my plateau and truly become Ragnar. That, ladies and gentleman brings me to my new blog series on the subject. Becoming Ragnar will document my progress thus far and in the future of my fitness gains and losses.





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