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Mythical creatures

  Recently I was given a challenge that I absolutely fell in love with. It’s been a long time since I really took the time to sit down and put brush to canvas and just paint. So with that in mind the challenge was to take a collection of the most beautiful women in my life and do nude portraits of them depicted as various mythical creatures. Once completed the whole line will be displayed in a public venue in downtown Ottawa and obviously, they will be for sale. ;) I asked each model to decide which creature they would like to be and their answers were as follows:
April V. Skyee – Mermaid
Randi Rouge – Banshee
Maggie Sue Sin – Biomancer(Narf)
1929507_10622222727_6352_nJenna-Marie Nixon – Phoenix
Lisa Webb – Vampire
Dovie – Succubus
Shade Nyx – Sea demon
Aurora Lou – Zombie Queen
Belinda Anguis – Fairy
Tailz – Werefox
Needless to say I am having a blast creating these pieces. I am painting them in various styles using acrylic paint and some mixed media techniques. But for once I am not using my airbrush. I’m going back to the original contemporary still life skills that i learned waaaaaaay back in my college days. It’s good to go back and revive an old skill every now and then. It definitely helps to break up the monotony of working in the same medium over and over again. there is one more piece that i would love to add to this collection. She’s thinking about it. I had an image of a white viper with black pattern Medusa that screams to be modeled by one person
and one person only. ;) I hope she does it as it would fit her like a glove. :)
So stay tuned for upcoming pics and sneak peaks of the collection as it progresses.
So tell me….if I had approached you to model for this series….what would you have chosen to be? Hit me back, I’d love to know. ;)

Getting Caught Up

Sorry for the delay folks. I’ve been incommunicado for some time. It’s been a weird couple of months. That being said, I’m back and ready to go.

So a few months back, if you recall, I started doing a lot of collaborations with April V. Skyee – model and photography starting with Deadpool and Domino which was an incredible experience shooting on location in a completely destroyed radio station in the middle of nowhere and ,to spite the fact that I suffer from vertigo, climbing on a 20 foot high I-beam just to get the right shot. Corey Graham was very patient and took a ton of stellar shots and April…as always…was stunning.
After that, we did another cosplay shoot with April as Jubilee and the incomparable Jean Baptist as Wolverine. My favorite Ottawa photographer Mike Giovinazzo shot this one in Swizzles on Queen street with a bar full of regulars who no doubt thought we were nuts. But, again the end result speaks for itself and serves to further credit the statement that mike really can’t take a bad picture. ;)
  10367718_718488804857101_7384342188841448137_n 10312732_718488658190449_3704206442628376458_n
After that April got behind the camera and managed to talk me onto a friggin horse. That’s right….a horse. A stupid way to travel but all in all it was a great experience. We shot the custom Roman Centurian armour on the back of cantankerous old black steed outside Alexandria. Although I’m not really a proficient model, certainly not on horseback, the pics came out quite well. The client was very happy with them to say the least.
Then we moved on to a meet up shoot with the oh so man-pretty Mike Giovinazzo wherein we degraded a nun from pious straight through demonic. April modeled in fine form, adapting to not only the time constraints but also overlapping fields of fire from a very talented groups of photographers under Mike’s guidance. It was a nerve wracking but all in all very challenging experience for me as i had to adjust the fx, switch the costumes and completely redo facepaint and blood applications between sets. But the results defied expectation.
             _67R7998-Edit      MG-nun_1595-Edit-Proof-s
Most recently however, I got the chance to really play in terms of body paint. There is honestly nothing harder than doing full head to toe body paint that looks good. April came to me with a geek concept, which blew my mind by the way as she is merely a Geek In Training so the fact that she stumbled across such a perfect character for her to portray is amazing. So she sat through three hours of body paint and makeup and tried her damnedest not to sweat it off for a sold out group of easily the most talented photographers I’ve met to date including the photo ninja known as John Wenzell who took a from the hip shot of the two of us in a cage that absolutely blew my mind.
She Hulk 003
Since we seem to be on a roll, as she would say, my partner in crime and  have planned a series of meetup and group shoots in the coming months. Some fetish shoots, vampire shoots, pirate shoots perhaps we’ll even get down to Montreal for some one site shots and then straight into an upcoming horror shoot that will pay homage to the man that haunted my dreams as a child and made me the twisted fx and costume designer that I am today. **cough cough** Pinhead **cough cough** ;)
In any event, the next few months we will be hosting many photographer invitationals to give everyone the opportunity to shoot something fun and bizarre and as far outside the box as possible. So stay tuned! And sign up. Volunteer to model if you wish….and by all means, if you have an idea in mind for a shoot feel free to contact April V. Skyee to organize it for you and if you need costumes, or fx feel free to drop me a line. I love meeting and working with Ottawa’s new talent.