Comic-Con Cosplay

Well ladies and gentle-men, it’s that time of year again. Comic-con! The day we pull our hair out trying to perfect our costumes and practice our lines for when we meet Summer Glau so that we don’t wet ourselves or accidentally grab her ass in an over zealous hug or something. “keep calm…she’s just people…breathe…BREATHE!!” Well April V. Skyee and myself have decided to adorn a con tradition that has plagued geeks for decades…the art of the dreaded “couples costumes”.
This year we have chosen a common couple but decided to go all out for it. We are going as Deadpool and Domino. We’ve planned a bad-ass photo shoot shortly after the con to commemorate the occasion. But you will definitely see us there raising hell.
First off…in the red corner. The master of overkill and boobie sniping. With his stolen healing factor, multiple internal dialogues( none of which being his conscience ), armed with 2 kitanas, a c-7, a baretta 9mm, a 45 alongside, a custom nikita howler 50 cal. sub machine gun with a lazer sight that says “I swallow”, 6 cherry grenades and a fully functioning home-made MINI GUN…that’s right…..i went there. The batshit crazy Rodney Dangerfield of assassins…ladies and gentle-men…I give you the incomparable Deadp0ol.
deadpool deadpool quotes funny-3
and….in the blue corner….weighing in at none of your damn business. She brings her superhuman ability to predict insane odds and glimpse her own future, giving her the appearance of pure shit luck to the fight. She’s armed with a walther mp-70, an mp5-k, and two mini mp4 full auto pistols and literally the nicest ass in the marvel universe and I really don’t suggest you argue with her about that. The seductress, the ball-bustress …the one and only…well…that’s not true..Copycat did a thing there for a while…well the one of two occasionally, apparently….Domino!
10311839_10152315245310380_1192090967_n 10264671_10152315245325380_578359166_n
For both of these costumes…we’ve dispensed with the notion that everyone fights in spandex and focused on building actual tactical gear. Domino retains her sex appeal…even ups it. OMG you should see her. I fainted. Honest to dog…fainted. As for Deadpool, I’ve focused on his whimsical side. Once I got his armor in place I began arming him to the teeth. I cannot WAIT to get on the bus!!!!
After Comic-Con, we will be doing a full spread shoot so stay tuned…and as previously stated, these are just two of many. :)
So, between the two of them…who’s hotter? Honestly? ;) It’s me right? right?
See you all at Comic-Con on Saturday!
By Ice Bloom
Ottawa Gothic Designs.

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