I love designing my own characters, fantasy armor, fetish apparel, gothic clothing and all the rest. But nothing strikes more to home for me that putting my own take on a classic comic character. Many of them are impractical and were never really designed to be functional if ever created in real life but the challenge is to keep that unmistakable character aesthetic while bringing this character to a more realistic life. ;)

I’m fairly transparent about the fact that I am a geek. I love comics, classic horror flicks and most sci fi…well…as long as it’s not a continuity that determines a dead man via the first time wearing of a red shirt. ;) Ridiculousness. I am always up for concept shoots and such but this year i really wanted to get back to what I love. So I have decided on a list of character cos-plays to start with many more to follow. We are a setting up shoots over the next few months starting off very shortly in honor of Ottawa Comiccon. We are collaborating with local models and photographers and makeup artists to really make something awesome.
So without further ado….the list for this springs cos-plays:
Harley Quinn:
Poison Ivy:
This is just a start to this years projects. All of which are for sale as demo pieces.
So what I want from you all is to see your cos-plays. Bigger, badder, all the gritty details of how much of a pain it was to construct. The whole nine yards. Long past are the days of wrapping a table cloth around your neck and wearing red underoos on the outside of your pants to be superman. The cos-play community have cornered a whole new art form. A labour of love that spans hundreds of hours at time for one fleeting moment of being the heroes and villains we all grew up with. Share your work guys.
Who are you for Comiccon?
By Ice Bloom
Ottawa Gothic Designs

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