Ragnar Lodbrok: A character created by the history channel to star in their historical epic series Vikings is actually an amalgamation of three separate historical figures of similar names. The tales being told in this show are actually historically accurate for the most part. Of course the occasional artistic flourish not withstanding. That being said, the character of Ragnar is hardly what one would expect given the notoriety and infamy of his real life Viking warlord predecessors
    Generally, when one hears tell of a Viking named Ragnar one envisions a mountain of a man with bison horns upturned to Valhalla on his helm and a giant broad ax in each hand “YALPING” his way through whole armies. An exaggeration perhaps, but none the less what one pictures. Certainly one does not picture Ragnar Lodbrok. A man who stands no more than 5’11”. Topping out at a mere 185lbs. A good-looking man  with workers hands and a farmers build. A fast and agile combatant who makes good use of a simple sword and battle ax. But above all, a soft-spoken family man. He is everything that one would expect of a viking leader. He is a ruthless and brilliant tactician who embodies the very soul of the warriors edict “all that one must do to win is to be willing to do what the other man will not”. But his face lights up to see his children. He truly loves his wife. Well, he loves his ex-wife too. To his credit he makes that work. (Good on ya mate) This a man born of family and a lifetime spent defending that family. He cares not for gold. His father thought him a fool for dreaming of countries that they might conquer across the seas. This only sought to strengthen his resolve in finding them. When he finally did, he did not come seeking treasure, or status, or wanton destruction. No, he came seeking information. Information about the soil, the seeds, the climate. Ragnar Lodbrok is a farmer at heart. He swears like a Viking. He is the granddaddy of all sex addicts. He is brutal beyond measure. Caligula himself would shy away from this man. But to witness such depth of character behind mere whispers and the ghostly blue eyes of a man of such deceivingly small physical stature is shockingly impressive to watch. 

   The casting of “Vikings” is second to none. The didn’t focus on A-List actors to drum up ratings. They kept the integrity of the show intact. All of the armor and costumes in the show are period correct and they played with the design as much as is humanly possible within that guideline. The chainmaille tunic worn by Lodbork himself is a work of art. All in all, this show is a win for me. It may not have the notoriety or budget of Game of Thrones for my money, it’s just as good….in some ways better. 

I highly recommend you check it out.

PS – I’m sure at one time or another everyone has found a celebrity or two that they themselves look like. I never have. I have never once found a single famous person that I look anything similar to. That is until I first saw Ragnar Lodbork. Or rather the man who plays Ragnar Lodbrok: Mr Travis Fimmel.
Ah Ragnar Lodbork  – My celebrity doppelgänger?
                    Ragnar-ragnar-lothbrok-34131733-293-440  792304_10151796777905380_1755607334_o
By Ice Bloom
Ottawa Gothic Designs

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