What does the future hold for Ottawa Gothic Designs?

There are many venues that are available to us in the year to come. Some that we’ve been looking forward to. Some that are a bit iffy and even some that are not yet possible. but regardless it should be an interesting year for us.
Sexapalooza is around the corner again. We’ve not been on stage there in a few years now. I’ll not divulge what we had in mind however I guarantee it will be something that you’ve never seen us do before. We have many beautiful ladies with very long and shapely legs that will put them to good use in some of the best work we have ever done. i don’t suggest you miss that one.
Comic con will also be upon us soon.  i just met with Wade Kendricks again and we’ve started construction on Motaro. We have a number of reimagined Mortal Kombat costumes on the go and we will be invading Comic con in force this year. We’re undecided as to whether or not we’ll be purchasing a booth but that’s niether here nor there. we will be there with bells on.
Fallen Kingdom LARP – We have the banquet in December and in the spring and early summer will be the next outdoor LARP weekend at Raven’s KNoll. Hope to see more new faces for the 3 day slaughter in the woods. We always look forward to this one.
There are shows and parties and events that we would like to start planning again this year. Chief among them being Halloween which we have already begun construction on. This one will be one for the books for sure. As the remainder of the events that we have planned for you get closer. we will keep you posted.

Any events that we should be aware of??



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