Bad ass armour. Finally!!

So, was anyone else blown away by the level of complexity displayed in the armour worn by the Kryptonians in man of Steel? This type of costume design is right up our alley and I was very impressed. Which is something that does not happen often.
Generally, Hollywood opts for form over function. Whenever the aim is to display an insane level of complexity with armour and costume design the rules of armour design and practicality go straight out the window. They pack the piece with superficial and superfluous adages that create the imposing presence required but end up leaving the viewer with the sense that “no way in hell would that work”. As with Sauron’s armour in Lord of The Rings which was impressive to look at but offered no visibility, no range of motion, thin layering offering no actual protection and a weight scaling well beyond what even a person of his immense size could safely, let alone, comfortably move around it.
As for female armour, well, look at Blood Rayne and movies of that nature where in apparently a woman is only required to have her nipples and genitalia covered with plate or chain maille to be safe from the onslaught before her. The practicality of which has been debated to death amongst directors for decades because if you make the armour practical then you lose the sex appeal. A fair trade off for movie watchers who dine only at Hooters before going to see a sci-fi flick but slightly low brow and obvious fluff for anyone with a brain. Hey look, an army is coming at me with arrows and axes. I’d better cover my nipples and crotch. Come on. Really? Man of Steel addressed and indeed rose to the challenge of fixing both of these. The male armour worn by Superman’s father was practical. It offered ideal protection for the wearer(even if he didn’t take advantage of it) a wide range of motion given the seperation in the plates and gave the character a very intimidating and regal presence. A man puts on a suit of armour like that you can tell immediately that he’s ready for war. It also has the added benefit of being one of the most rediculously ornate suits of armour ever displayed on screen. Well done. There was also a female suit of armour displayed by one of the villains. An absolutely stunning dark haired raven adorned in very practical plate over black chain maille armour that was not only functional and practical but indeed form fitting and sexy as hell.
Over all, I am very impressed with the armour design in this movie. For the first time, there isn’t a single thing that i would have done differently given the choice. Furthermore, I recommend you watch Man Of Steel. Damn good movie. ;)
man-of-steel-01 images

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