Sexy or Trashy?

Somewhere along the way people stopped recognizing sex appeal and started embracing chauvinism and trashiness.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, form fitting clothes and fashions with flattering bust lines and proper accessories were the rule of day for anyone who wished to display sex appeal. Accentuating curvaceous hips and ample bust lines with subtlety and class in an age appropriate manner has all but vanished. It’s been replaced sadly by teen girls barely out of their adolescence so obsessed with the notion of sex appeal that they exude no class or fashion sense and dress as scantily clad as possible. I’m no prude…far from it in fact. But then again, I’m an adult. Kids should dress like kids. They have the rest of their lives to be looked at like a piece of meat if that’s what they choose but when they are adults. Enjoy your childhood. It’s over far too soon.

There are so many examples of women in pop culture who exude sexual confidence and appeal and dress appropriately to their body shape. They have style and grace, even those who work in the adult industry. Take Dita Von Teese for example: She’s a celebrity model and burlesque dancer. She is hands down one of the sexiest women alive with a unique retro fashion sense and she works for the better part relatively nude and yet at no time could you describe her as trashy or inappropriate. A beautiful example of dignified class and sex appeal and yet Miley Cyrus and those of her ilk have become the example.

dita mylie

It’s a sad state of affairs that our kids have the poorest examples of class front and center stage. The fact that these trends are learned at so young an age these days has led to an entire generation of girls dressing like Tuesday night strippers. I weep for the future.

What do you think? Which is sexy? Which is just trash?



2 responses to “Sexy or Trashy?

  • Azrael

    You can blame it on the hypocritic, paranoid, conservative values that we forced down the throats of our young ones for decades. What you’d expect is an age bracket of young children afraid to “dress too obscene for the sake of Mom and Dad” and another age bracket of teens outrageously breaking away from the tyranny of proto-Victorian values.

    What we should have done is “treat each other normally as human beings” without the hypocrisy, paranoia, and conservativism.

    For example, why should sexiness be stereotyped to individuals 16-18 years and above? Sexiness is a mindset, not an “age”set. What is it with the number 16 to 18 anyway?

    A young person can be just as sexy as someone’s grandparent. If I just freaked you out and you feel I’m going beyond what’s proper, then that’s the problem. We’re all trained since childhood to think and behave that way.

    The human being is naturally a sexual being. We were naked when born with our genitalia saying hello to the doctor. Unless we all agree that sexiness is for all ages, this topic will never leave the forums.

    Re-imagine a world where there is no sexual inhibition, and Miley Cyrus starred in Hannah Montana as a young “slutty” rock star usually dressed “provocatively” onscreen. In her teens, that Miley would have probably toned down her signature fashion attire to a more “covered” concept – saying “I’m not this person anymore and have evolved to this”.

    In the end, it’s not about morals, but about manners. Not about obscenity, but about fashion/art/design. The world will be a better place to live in if everyone was guided by manners and true artistic freedom.

  • 49tales

    I think part of the problem is it used to be little girls wanted to grow up to be like the glamorous they saw in their lives.

    Now you have many women who basically still want to be little girls, they are so obsessed with staying young and cool that they have neglected to embrace their womanhood.

    That is the difference with women like Dita Von Teese-she is all woman and exudes acceptance of herself. You’d never see here trying desperately to dress like a 16 year old.

    So what are young women and girls to do? If they can’t see strong, confident, sexy women in their own lives to emulate, they’ll pick up messages about being female wherever they can-often the media

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