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What does the future hold for Ottawa Gothic Designs?

There are many venues that are available to us in the year to come. Some that we’ve been looking forward to. Some that are a bit iffy and even some that are not yet possible. but regardless it should be an interesting year for us.
Sexapalooza is around the corner again. We’ve not been on stage there in a few years now. I’ll not divulge what we had in mind however I guarantee it will be something that you’ve never seen us do before. We have many beautiful ladies with very long and shapely legs that will put them to good use in some of the best work we have ever done. i don’t suggest you miss that one.
Comic con will also be upon us soon.  i just met with Wade Kendricks again and we’ve started construction on Motaro. We have a number of reimagined Mortal Kombat costumes on the go and we will be invading Comic con in force this year. We’re undecided as to whether or not we’ll be purchasing a booth but that’s niether here nor there. we will be there with bells on.
Fallen Kingdom LARP – We have the banquet in December and in the spring and early summer will be the next outdoor LARP weekend at Raven’s KNoll. Hope to see more new faces for the 3 day slaughter in the woods. We always look forward to this one.
There are shows and parties and events that we would like to start planning again this year. Chief among them being Halloween which we have already begun construction on. This one will be one for the books for sure. As the remainder of the events that we have planned for you get closer. we will keep you posted.

Any events that we should be aware of??



I’m all for details, but WTF?!

As a big fan of Game of Thrones I find my self in awe of some of the armour that’s been displayed on the show. Some of which is less than practical as in the case of The Lord of Bones and even the Hound’s helmet. I’ve brought up the necessary balance between detail and practicality and form over function before and to his credit the late Ned Stark even made reference to it in the show. He made this reference while admiring jamie Lanister’s armour stating that “it’s very pretty. Not a scratch on it’. While that maybe true of Ser Jamie’s armour I genuinely believe that not quite enough ridicule has been directed where it should be. With that in mind I speak the following words to Ser Loras Tyrel…..What the fuck?!?!?!?

Outside of this armour, which was first displayed in a jousting match against the mountain, Ser Gregor Cligane for King Robert barathian’s amusement, being ridiculously over kill for a man his size in that the triple plating overlaps offering a grand total of zero mobility. This armour is so far beyond ornate it’s laughable. From the triple gorget which is wrapped in hand forged Tyrell rose vines to the tripled up spaulder falls which collapse one atop the next which are also littered in Tyrell rose vines this thing is a shiny and for some reason nickel plated mess.
The helmet in particular is absolutely appalling. The narrow split eye sockets are surrounded  by carvings and a mess or more aptly a rat’s nest of, again ,Tyrell rose vines. This helmet offers no visibility to speak of and if you look at the shark pitch from the breach guard to the chin, this helmet hooks back leaving it very…VERY close to the face meaning it offers zero protection against a hit to the face. The rose vine wrapped spire at the top of this helmet serves no purpose other than to add weight to an already combersome and impractically dangerous suit of armour.
Personally, I find this entire concept to be rather offensive. I understand that the character of Ser Loras Tyrell is meant to be a “sword swallower through and through” as his grandmother states in the show but I think representing his sexual orientation by designing such an effeminate and needlessly decorated suit of armour is intentionally insulting. If anything given the fact that the character is gay should really take a back seat to the fact that he is renowned throughout the seven kingdoms as one of the greatest warriors in history and the protector of the Tyrel house. A warrior of such acclaim would never risk his life for the sake of this needless fashion over protection.
All in all, this armour is a fail for me. This is the best and certainly the most public example of ludicrous form over function. What do you guys think?
I promise no spoilers but leading up to the new season i will be critiquing a new suit of armour from Game of Thrones every week. If there are any in particular that you’d like to see me tear apart don’t hesitate to bring it up.



Bad ass armour. Finally!!

So, was anyone else blown away by the level of complexity displayed in the armour worn by the Kryptonians in man of Steel? This type of costume design is right up our alley and I was very impressed. Which is something that does not happen often.
Generally, Hollywood opts for form over function. Whenever the aim is to display an insane level of complexity with armour and costume design the rules of armour design and practicality go straight out the window. They pack the piece with superficial and superfluous adages that create the imposing presence required but end up leaving the viewer with the sense that “no way in hell would that work”. As with Sauron’s armour in Lord of The Rings which was impressive to look at but offered no visibility, no range of motion, thin layering offering no actual protection and a weight scaling well beyond what even a person of his immense size could safely, let alone, comfortably move around it.
As for female armour, well, look at Blood Rayne and movies of that nature where in apparently a woman is only required to have her nipples and genitalia covered with plate or chain maille to be safe from the onslaught before her. The practicality of which has been debated to death amongst directors for decades because if you make the armour practical then you lose the sex appeal. A fair trade off for movie watchers who dine only at Hooters before going to see a sci-fi flick but slightly low brow and obvious fluff for anyone with a brain. Hey look, an army is coming at me with arrows and axes. I’d better cover my nipples and crotch. Come on. Really? Man of Steel addressed and indeed rose to the challenge of fixing both of these. The male armour worn by Superman’s father was practical. It offered ideal protection for the wearer(even if he didn’t take advantage of it) a wide range of motion given the seperation in the plates and gave the character a very intimidating and regal presence. A man puts on a suit of armour like that you can tell immediately that he’s ready for war. It also has the added benefit of being one of the most rediculously ornate suits of armour ever displayed on screen. Well done. There was also a female suit of armour displayed by one of the villains. An absolutely stunning dark haired raven adorned in very practical plate over black chain maille armour that was not only functional and practical but indeed form fitting and sexy as hell.
Over all, I am very impressed with the armour design in this movie. For the first time, there isn’t a single thing that i would have done differently given the choice. Furthermore, I recommend you watch Man Of Steel. Damn good movie. ;)
man-of-steel-01 images

Sexy or Trashy?

Somewhere along the way people stopped recognizing sex appeal and started embracing chauvinism and trashiness.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, form fitting clothes and fashions with flattering bust lines and proper accessories were the rule of day for anyone who wished to display sex appeal. Accentuating curvaceous hips and ample bust lines with subtlety and class in an age appropriate manner has all but vanished. It’s been replaced sadly by teen girls barely out of their adolescence so obsessed with the notion of sex appeal that they exude no class or fashion sense and dress as scantily clad as possible. I’m no prude…far from it in fact. But then again, I’m an adult. Kids should dress like kids. They have the rest of their lives to be looked at like a piece of meat if that’s what they choose but when they are adults. Enjoy your childhood. It’s over far too soon.

There are so many examples of women in pop culture who exude sexual confidence and appeal and dress appropriately to their body shape. They have style and grace, even those who work in the adult industry. Take Dita Von Teese for example: She’s a celebrity model and burlesque dancer. She is hands down one of the sexiest women alive with a unique retro fashion sense and she works for the better part relatively nude and yet at no time could you describe her as trashy or inappropriate. A beautiful example of dignified class and sex appeal and yet Miley Cyrus and those of her ilk have become the example.

dita mylie

It’s a sad state of affairs that our kids have the poorest examples of class front and center stage. The fact that these trends are learned at so young an age these days has led to an entire generation of girls dressing like Tuesday night strippers. I weep for the future.

What do you think? Which is sexy? Which is just trash?


Challenge us! We dare you.

For years, I’ve been unable to back down from a challenge. I have dragged my brother down so many roads for builds that truly seemed impossible just so that we can see the reactions that follow.

We’ve been dared to build Judge Master Gabranthe out of leather: and so we did. We’ve been dared to build a strap-on waist rig that house 7 dildo’s: and we did. Once, we were dared to recover a hide-a-bed loveseat in leather. Sure enough, we did. We partnered with Marcus Lamoureux, a local macabre artist, and we covered this couch in upholstery weight buffalo and airbrushed every square inch with pagan runes and pentagrams and even a Baphomet effigy and had Marcus Design and build the custom arm corbels adorned with sculls and rib cages and spiders.  Honestly, it hurt to watch that couch leave the shop. I wanted to keep it. But it was a client piece and it found a great home. Part and parcel of being trained in so many different media is the need to do better and more complex pieces. We get bored so easily. Lol.

This year is no different. To spite having a ton of work to do, we have found our impossible build for this season. For next years Commicon, amongst the many Mortal Kombat costumes that we will have working the room, we will be building a fully functional Motaro. We are going to build fully articulated centaur legs that move as he does. Fully foam latex prosthetics over the mechanical components.  Not impossible, just nearly impossible to make lifelike. We’ve had many applicants to model this piece but we’ve settled on all 6 feet six inches of Wade Kendricks to be our Motaro.  This is going to be epic.

    IMG_5989 936503_10151749665474266_231230438_n

I will never get tired of pushing myself. I will never grow out of trying to build the impossible. I love what we do and I will never stop trying to get a rise out of you guys. It’s what we live for.

So, how bout it guys? What impossible build should we take on next?


Carnevil Post Screams

So the CarnEvil was a huge success. We were pleasantly surprised with the turn out. Both from the neighborhood and in volunteers.
The night was filled with screams from both kids and adults alike. We had no more then our fair share of smart ass cynics but we dealt with them accordingly. We sent an evil clown with a chainsaw roaring down the tunnel after them. We had little girls clutching their friends and making them go deaf with the disciple levels from their screams exceeding maximum safety levels. We had adults clutching their children and practically running through. We even got a chance to swing a chainsaw at the Former Mayor of Ottawa. Jacky was a good sport. The tear down went quickly to spite the weather conditions worsening and we are all cleaned up and ready for round two. On to next years designs.

So what do you think guys? What are your ideas for next years theme? Haunted maze? Haunted forest? Classic horror sets? Whats your poison? Tell us what you’d like to see us do for next years Halloween show.

And don’t forget to check out our Carnevil!IMG_5941hh