Dying Techniques

With the advent of more talented artists taking up leather working and making it their own has brought with them newer and certainly more interesting ways to dye and finish leather.

For decades oil based leather dyes applied with daubers and foam brushes has been the standard. At the most hand toll painting brought with it at least some details in vivid colour but it wasn’t really good enough. Water based  and acrylic dyes have a similar finish but they don’t penetrate the leathers surface well enough to last any measurable time. These days, however, we have far more versatile options. I know I’m skipping over a great many other products but for the type of work that I do I have to stick with Zelibrand pigment dye. It adheres to the surface very well and mixes beautifully with not only other colours but with createx airbrush paints as well. A useful trick should you find yourself, like me, creating incredibly ornate leather armour is to mix metallic createx paints in with your black pigment dyes to add a nice subtle metallic sheen to your pieces. Also, no need for those foam brushes and daubers anymore. pick yourself up an airbrush and a decent air compressor and you can run the pigment dye straight through the airbrush for a streak free finish on all of your work. This allows for more detail, brighter  colours, and far smoother transitions from colour to colour. The best part about the pigment dye is that once its been clear coated it is candy finish hard but until then…if you make a mistake…take some simple deglazer and wipe it off and start again. People are always asking me how we get our colours so vibrant. Well there’s my secret guys. It’s all about the pigment dye.

So lets see what you guys can do. Go and grab some pigment dyes and lets see what you’ve got.

Zelibrand Pigment dyes and airbrush applications have rendered the old dauber and foam brush techniques obsolete. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.



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